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Solve Your Drainage Problems With Our Landscape Designers


Danville homeowners are advised to take actions to improve drainage on their properties. Many drainage solutions are available, so if you wonder which one suits your home and yard the best, speak to an experienced landscape designer from J. Dicus Landscape & Pool Construction so that you can make an informed decision. With adequate drainage, you'll be able to limit the negative effects of runoff, erosion, and flooding.

Which Drainage Option Is Right For Your Residential Property?

As a Danville homeowner, you have many options for drainage solutions on your property. Some homeowners equip their retaining walls with sufficient drainage by hiring a landscape designer to create weep holes and lay gravel and perforated pipes behind the walls. For new houses, land grading is a recommended drainage solution because it levels or slopes the ground so that water doesn't accumulate near the foundations of homes.

Another option is constructing a grass swale, which has a linear orientation and a shallow depth and consists of plants that can withstand flooding and erosion. Grass swales serve to manage stormwater and limit the effects of flooding, and the water that accumulates in them will absorb into the soil eventually. A holding pond is also effective at managing stormwater and preventing runoff, erosion, and flooding. Your landscape designer can build your holding pond in any size and shape you choose.

If none of those drainage features appeal to you, consider a dry well or a French drain. A dry well, or a soakwell, soakaway pit, or soakpit, is similar to a water well, but it's constructed above the water table and filled with or surrounded by gravel. A dry well holds wastewater and rainwater well, and the water will absorb into the soil. A French drain is a slightly sloped trench that contains round gravel and a perforated pipe that directs the flow of water away from a home to a low-lying area, street, drainage ditch, or dry well.

Contact Our Landscaping Experts Today

To prevent water damage to your Danville home and landscaping, reach out to a landscape designer from J. Dicus Landscape & Pool Construction to discuss various drainage options. Our landscaping experts will assess your property and provide suggestions for improved drainage.

If you are looking for a residential landscape design and pool construction company in Danville and the surrounding areas, then please call 925-552-1116 or complete our online request form.