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Recent Tips and Articles by J. Dicus Landscape & Pool Construction

Danville Landscaping: Using Landscaping Stones

There are many reasons why you should incorporate landscaping stones into your landscaping design. The main one however is for beauty, pure aesthetic beauty. For a Danville landscaping design to look perfect it needs to have layer and this can be a hard thing to achieve […]

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Danville Landscaping Tips

There is many a landscaping tips out there to satisfy even the most desperate of landscapers or would be landscapers and you can find hundreds of them online. But in all of my years as a Danville landscaping artist I have come to the conclusion that […]

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Danville Pool Landscaping Designs

It is a great idea to get your Danville pool looking its best by making use of around the pool landscaping. This kind of Danville pool landscaping can turn your boring old backyard into the backyard of the stars. You can have a Hollywood looking backyard […]

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Benefits Of A Patio: How It Can Keep The Home Cooler

When it comes to your outdoors; there is nothing that can keep the home cooler in the summer other than a Orinda patio. A freshly poured one can provide you with shelter that keeps you off of the hot ground and provides a safe place for […]

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Great Options For Your Danville Patio

Building or revitalizing your a patio can be both exciting and challenging at the same time. That’s why one of the first steps in planning a new patio in Danville is selecting what type of material you’ll use as a base. This step is critical as […]

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3 Benefits Of Booking Your Next Landscaping Project This Winter

While there is no doubt that the spring and summer months are the prime time for landscaping projects all over the country, every project has a good bit of planning and prep time behind the scenes that you don’t see, and part of this prep time […]

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3 Advantages Of Hiring A Danville Landscape Design Professional

If you are like most homeowners out there, you take pride in the appearance of your home and your property, and if you are like most homeowners, there are probably aspects of your property that you wouldn’t mind sprucing up so you could feel prouder of […]

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Types Of Landscape Construction Projects

When engaging in a hardscaping or softscaping project on your Lafayette residential property, don’t hesitate to call on the help of a skilled landscape designer. Regardless of the general landscape construction project you choose, your landscaper will remind you to consider relevant factors such as soil […]

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