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For over two decades, the experts at J. Dicus Landscape & Pool Construction have been building backyard resorts for satisfied residential clients. From Pleasant Hill through Pleasanton, these landscape designers have created landscape masterpieces for families to entertain, relax, and truly enjoy their properties. Our experienced designers and installers will closely work with you to develop a custom landscaping layout to maximize your space and truly fit your needs and tastes.

J. Dicus Landscape & Pool Construction - Orinda Landscape Designer

Our Orinda landscape designers and builders are true professionals, they stay up-to-date on all the latest techniques, designs, styles and technology to make sure all of services of the top of the line. We are here to transform your Orinda home into a enjoyable getaway that you and your family love spending time in.

Our Orinda landscape and designers provide superior quality work, excellent customer service, communicate with you throughout the entire project, finishing every job on time and within budget. The job is not complete until you are 100% satisfied with our work.

Orinda Swimming Pool Contractor

Take your Orinda home to the next level with custom built pool. You can have paradise in your own backyard. Explore the many possibilities of having your on luxury pool and spa.

Our pool builders offer one-of-a-kind designs, with quality construction services to deliver a pool that will bring you and your family relaxation and joy for years to come. Not only will we design an amazing pool, but the landscaping as well. We can do pool building, pool remodeling, pool renovations, pool landscaping and more.

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Orinda Landscaping with Stones

There are many reasons why you should incorporate landscaping stones into your Orinda landscaping design. The main one however is for beauty, pure esthetic beauty. For a landscaping design to look perfect it needs to have layer and this can be a hard thing to achieve without the use of landscaping stones.

You can use landscaping stones to accent certain portions of your yard, you can even plant some plants in these landscaping stones. They look great round the patio and the fence and you can even get colored landscaping stones to bring more color into your yard. This kind of color is especially nice to have in winter when everything is so bare and cold looking. The fact of the matter is that you can transform the whole look of your yard with the simple use of landscaping stones. They are like jewelry only for the yard.

There are many different kinds of landscaping stones and they come in all shapes and sized. The landscaping stones that are right for you will depend on the effect that you are trying to create with your Orinda yard. And different parts of the yard might require different sized landscaping stones. You can get a wide variety of colors for your landscaping stones and in some cases you may want to mix a couple of colors together to create a whole new and interesting look.

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