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Welcome to wine country in Danville

Welcome to wine country in Danville

In this Danville landscaping project, our aim was to encapsulate the charm and ambiance of a winery right in the front yard. To achieve this, we embarked on a comprehensive plan that involved not only aesthetic enhancements but also the installation of essential infrastructure. From drainage to irrigation systems, lighting arrangements to soil amendments, every detail was meticulously addressed to ensure the successful transformation of the space into a picturesque winery-inspired setting.

Once the groundwork was laid with the installation of essential infrastructure, we proceeded to create defining features that would bring the essence of a winery to life. A focal point of our design was the construction of a stunning Calistoga Field Stone garden wall, meticulously crafted to not only add visual appeal but also to level the front yard effectively. To enhance the authenticity of the setting, we sourced ancient Olive trees from Calistoga, each one carefully craned into place, evoking a sense of rustic elegance. Surrounding these majestic trees, we planted a selection of drought-tolerant flowering plants, chosen both for their beauty and their resilience, ensuring year-round vibrancy and color.

Completing the transformation, we added the finishing touches that would invite homeowners and visitors alike to immerse themselves fully in the winery experience. A carefully laid flagstone path meandered through the garden, guiding the way to a charming patio seating area. Here, amidst the fragrant blooms and the gentle rustle of leaves, one could pause and savor the tranquility of a wine country-inspired oasis, right in the heart of their own front yard.

Service provided: Landscpaing

Location: Danville, CA

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    Ancient Olive Tree's